In my spare time I like to work on and contribute to opensource projects. Here is a list of the projects I mostly spend my time on.


Command line tool that helps automate building packages in multiple formats like deb, rpm on multiple distributions and architectures by interfacing with Docker containers.
🔗Source code on GitHub


A multiplatform color picker that works on Windows, macOS, Linux and in the Web. Used for color scheme generation and easy color manipulation. image 🔗Source code on GitHub


Interface to docker containers in Rust. This crate is used in pkger for the build process. 🔗Source code on GitHub


A crate (library in Rust terms) to work with MOBI format ebooks. Lets consumers of the library inspect the metadata of their ebooks as well as read the content of the book.
🔗Source code on GitHub


Command line tool that lets users tag files to organize them at a higher level than directory structure. After tagging one can easily search for entities with the specified tags and for example pipe the output to xargs to operate on the files.
🔗Source code on GitHub

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